What is the benefit of the dual-density sole in safety shoes?

Benefits of PU (Polyurethane Leather/Artificial Leather)

  • Better flexibility of the shoe due to 2 layers of the sole as they balance each other and provide stability to the shoe.
  • Better penetration resistance due to multi-layered sole.
  • Enhanced looks.
  • The double-layer allows soft midsoles for comfort, cushion, and hard outsole allows a better grip on the surface, better abrasion.

The benefit of dual-density in PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride/Plastic Polymer)

  • Mostly black color PVC outsole is made from recycled PVC and the quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. As it is black in color, a layman cannot identify the difference. The dual-layer PVC helps to make the outsole from 100 % material.
  • This material’s abrasion property is many times more than the black color and so the life of the shoe is approx. double in comparison to the single density PVC at a not so higher price.

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  • Date: Aug 18, 2022
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