HILLSON is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Safety Shoes, Gumboots, Safety Boots, Ladies Safety Boots, Button Boots, PVC Safety Shoes, PU Safety Boots, Work Safety Shoes, Leather Safety Shoes and many more. These safety shoes and gumboots, which have reinforced toes and resilient material protect the workers’ feet from hazards imminent at some workplaces. Hillson Safety footwear is considered an essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at many industrial and construction work-sites. Hillson Gumboots and Safety Shoes are designed to protect industrial workers from airborne matter, chemicals, electrical, heavy-objects, mud and sludge, hot objects and bio-hazards.

Our Strengths

Trusted Brand

HILLSON is the most widely used and trusted name in industrial safety footwear. We are considered as the Best SAFETY Shoes and Work Boots Brand in the market

Professional Gear

Manufactured to meet the toughest safety norms, Hillson is robust & reliable. We help our customers build enduring cultures of safety across a wide range of industries.

In House Testing Lab

Hillson has an in-house testing lab with more than 73 testing machines and equipment. We know safety can't be compromised and hence we are striving for ZERO defects

Global Presence

Our chain of Distributors and Channel Partners across the globe enables us a strong network in India & elsewhere.

Quality Assurance

Our Safety Footwear has approvals from reputed laboratories from world over, such as F.D.D.I (India) and P.F.I (Germany).

Real Leather

We use the finest and genuine leather for our Leather Safety Shoes Range.

Safety Shoes & Gumboots

Ladies Safety Shoes

we offer unmatched range of Ladies safety shoes. The range of ladies safety shoes is highly slip resistant and safe.

Safety Gumboots With/Without Steel Toe

We offer an exclusive array of safety gumboots with steel toe cap ISI marked.

Industries Using Safety Shoes

Oil Industry

Our shoes wide range of safety shoes and boots for petroleum, Oil and Gas work environments.


Logistics Industry

With our safety shoes, we will keep your toes non slippery all day every day.


Chemical Industry

It is designed and tested especially against harmful dusts, liquid and high temperature.


Cement Industry

Working at a Cement plant, you need to be made of strong stuff. We offers a wide range of safety shoes for your industrial workers.


construct Industry

Construction. Stone Masons, Carpenters, Foundation Layers are just some of the many craftsmen we're proud to have in our shoes.


power Industry

Our safety shoes and boots are powerful enough for the power industry. Browse through all our quality checks for your industry.


Automobile Industry

Balance, stability & grip, a 4x4 for your feet. Our shoes are intended to keep you safe, sharp and carefree all day.


Metal Industry

Hillson Shoes Minimize weight, maximize protection. Our safety shoe has minimum weight and maximum protection to keep your safe, carefree all day

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