About Hillson

HILLSON is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Safety Shoes, Gumboots, Safety Boots, Ladies Safety Boots, Button Boots, PVC Safety Shoes, PU Safety Boots, Work Safety Shoes, Leather Safety Shoes and many more. These safety shoes and gumboots, which have reinforced toes and resilient material protect the workers’ feet from hazards imminent at some workplaces. Hillson Safety footwear is considered an essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at many industrial and construction work-sites. Hillson Gumboots and Safety Shoes are designed to protect industrial workers from airborne matter, chemicals, electrical, heavy-objects, mud and sludge, hot objects and bio-hazards.

Our Motto

Technological Advantage

All over Gumboots & Safety Footwear are manufactured & supplier by double injunction Taiwanese machine that makes product more uniform by quality, consistency enable high production capacity. We manufacture by injection moulding, stuck on process or PU pouring. The use of indigenous and latest technology provides us the ability to maintain the lead in tackling the price sensitive market along with effective cost cutting. The in house raw material processing is an additional advantage that ultimately leads to rock bottom prices of our products like Safety Footwear, Leather Safety Shoes, etc.

Our Promise

From Incoming raw material to outgoing finished footwear, we employ very strict quality control measures to ensure that all the components in our footwear meet prescribed local and international safety standards. We continuously conduct test in our modern on-site laboratory, striving for zero defects, while our Managing Directors head the research and development operations team to ensure that we stay ahead in the competition.

Our Strength

Every single distributor, dealer and retailer is responsible for the name and recognition that HILLSON has got in the country. We follow a single principle –

“If our customer are happy, we are happy”

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