When is it time to say goodbye to your safety shoes?

What is it time to stay goodbye to your safety shoes?

A good pair of safety shoes is all you need to protect your feet from cuts, damages, and fatigue, choosing the right safety shoe is not a very big task these days as there is a lot of competition among different brands & all claiming to be the best in market.

In our suggestion, a person should follow the guidelines set by the government of India and should purchase ISI marked safety shoes. A good ISI marked safety shoe usually lasts long and doesn’t require to be changed for a long time. There is no set mileage that when to replace your safety shoe.

However, various factors will tell you that it’s the right time to say goodbye to your safety shoes:

  • Generally, the safety shoes show a bit of wear and tear signs at 1500 km or 1 year of usage.
  • Suppose something falls on your shoe and it gets damaged, in such a situation, it gets very important for you to get the shoe replaced
  • A safety shoe is made for you to function as a protector and a saviour, it doesn’t just protect your feet but also the whole body because it also protects you from slips & falls.

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  • Date: Jun 21, 2021
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