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SWAG CASE STUDY -hillson shoes

Hillson is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Safety Footwear in India. For 40 years, their motive has been to upgrade the technology to provide their customers with the best products. One of the outcomes of their hard work is SWAG. 

Hillson wanted to launch SWAG on a grand level and create a buzz around it. The aim was to highlight the key features of SWAG shoes such as breathability, lightweight, water repellent, flexibility, memory comfort in socks, and TFP+ technology. 

Let’s have a look at how the campaign went!


The first and foremost task was to understand the product. Hillson is renowned for its quality products providing safety and comfort but SWAG’s approach was to integrate comfort and safety with style.

Here, two things were required, namely, Product Research and Market Research. 

While doing Product Research, the initial step was to understand the product and its design along with its features. The process used here was sketching, then 3D design and lastly the final draft was designed. 

Coming next to Market Research, the goal wasn’t as easy as it may sound. Hillson had to endure beyond the previous achievements. It has always been known for its safety and comfort. However, this time it had to bring something novel to the table. The missing element which could make SWAG even better was ‘Style’. 

The approach was to add SWAG to their range of footwear along with providing the prior features. 


Before launching SWAG to the world, an internal sales meet was organised in October 2021 to showcase SWAG. The goal was to train the sales team along with the new joinees. Also, innovative ways to promote SWAG to the market were discussed. 

With an auspicious celebration of Diwali, Hillson decided to customise SWAG shoes and launched them in a new colour explicitly for its employees.

Now to officiate the launch of SWAG, a number of events and exhibitions were participated in. The Mumbai Exhibition in December was the first event where the brand-new SWAG was displayed to the audience. The response from the exhibition was really overwhelming and boosted confidence in taking the launch further with SWAG. A landing page was devised for the audience to place orders in advance.


The landing page, included all the specifications regarding the range of SWAG. It was also uploaded on the website along with the existing safety footwear. Alongside, collaterals were made including standees, brochures, pamphlets, etc., to establish the brand identity of Hillson, making it more about style and comfort.

The usual red colour is about safety but the dashing blue denotes Style and Swag.

And to portray the same, the absolute benefit of social media was taken. As the target audience was a youth, the first preference for Hillson was Instagram. It was the perfect platform to get the attention of budding entrepreneurs. 


Before unveiling the product, a number of creatives were posted on social media to create hype. The launch of SWAG was held on a grand level featuring the highlights one by one, ultimately resulting in a 9 grid post in which the SWAG product video was released on D day. The strategizing of the launch was taken into account with the videography of the product. The content was further shared by their employees, dealers, distributors, etc on social media platforms, namely Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 


Just like these graphs, the event was full of ups and downs but the highs were far more than the lows. This campaign received an amazing reach and a lot of impressions. The motive was to reach and introduce SWAG to as many people as possible and that goal was successfully achieved. 


The entire campaign was a huge success backed by the statistics. But more importantly, the enthusiasm amongst people made the event an actual success. There were ‘n’ number of people with SWAG!

Hillson has vouched majorly to the three things- Durability, Affordability, and Sustainability for its customers. Throughout the years, they have kept their word.

Stay tuned to the 40 year celebration of Hillson and witness its beautiful journey throughout the years. 

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  • Date: May 31, 2022
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