Steel Toe Caps in Hillson Shoes – First Step towards Safety

Steel toe caps in Hillson shoes – First step towards safety

“Safety First is Safety Always!”

Workplaces are full of risks and have very hazardous surrounding. To avoid any mishappenings at the workplaces, people wear safety shoes with steel toe caps. The industries can range from construction to chemical to automotive. The capped steel toe not only protect the user’s feet from falling objects but other potential accidents. It can reduce the effect of the injury which can be caused due to slip and fall, punctures or burning chemicals. These sturdy shoes have antistatic, ant slip, and good abrasion properties.

Why is it important to equip safety shoes with steel toe caps?

Hillson has a wide variety of safety shoes that are equipped with capped steel toes. In areas where there is a risk of the toes being hurt due to the impact of a falling object or a chance of compression due to a heavy moving vehicle, these kind of safety shoes are worn.

In some companies, it is mandatory to wear safety shoes and other protective equipment. In such situations, it is always advisable to wear ISI marked safety shoes for better safety.

Steel Toe Caps in Hillson Shoes

What other materials are used to make toe caps for safety shoes?

The toe caps are important safety equipment for the safety shoes & are mostly made up of steel. These are used to protect the user’s feet from falling objects or compressive damage which may occur in different ways at different workplaces. Apart from Steel, a white-coloured composite toe cap is used which helps in the discharge of static energy because it is made up of fibre.

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  • Date: Jun 04, 2021
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