Slip-resistant footwear is of vital importance!

Why is it important for workers to put on anti-skid safety shoes

Just like any other safety gear, slip-resistant safety shoes are equally important. Whether you are working at a construction site, agricultural fields, restaurants, healthcare centres or manufacturing units, you must not forget to put on protective shoes that prevent instances of slippage. In case you lose your balance because of slippery floors, you may experience severe injuries, extreme physical pain, bruises and so on. Such accidents often lead to disruption of work and unnecessary delays.

Slipping and tripping at the workplace may not sound like a severe cause of concern to you. But do you know that 1 out of 3 workplace injuries is caused because of slipping instances? It is, therefore, necessary that you wear slip-resistant footwear while at work. From offering you peace of mind and undistracted concentration power to a strong footing on slippery floors, these slip-resistant safety shoes will safeguard you from experiencing major accidents.

Anti-skid safety shoes are thus imperative for workers, especially if their worksite is way too slippery. Basically, these safety shoes are engineered/designed in a way so that they can create greater friction as you work on the ground.

Regular shoes that you normally wear at home or while traveling do not offer you anti-skid facilities. They do not come equipped with interlocked grid patterns which are quite common in non-slippery work shoes.

What is so special about non-slippery safety shoes?

Here’s what makes non-slippery safety shoes an absolutely essential component of your protective gear:

  • The material used: Non-slippery safety shoes are generally made using rubber material. Rubber is soft in nature but, at the same time, offers a strong grip to the wearer. Thus you can easily wear it on oily, greasy or slippery surfaces. The softness of rubber allows the shoes to grip the floor tightly.
  • Durability: As compared to normal shoes, anti-skid shoes are durable in nature as they are meant to be used at workplaces. These shoes are designed keeping in mind the level of wear and tear that take place during work.
  • Level of comfort: The softness of the rubber material, as well as the snuggly design of the shoes, make them highly comfortable. Workers love the level of flexibility that these shoes bring along. Also, work shoes are meant to be worn all day long. So, these anti-skid shoes are kept lightweight.
  • Design: Slip-resistant safety shoes come with wide grid patterns and deeper treads. The wide tread patterns allow the shoes to establish greater contact with the surface, thereby increasing the element of slip resistance.

Parting thoughts

Anti-skid safety shoes should be an integral part of your work life. If you wish to avoid injuries due to slipping instances and work with utmost concentration, then investing in a good pair of anti-slipping shoes is worth all the money. Hillson Shoes, one of the biggest safety shoe manufacturing companies in India, has a huge collection of anti-slipping shoes at affordable rates.

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  • Date: Dec 21, 2022
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