How to take care of your safety shoes

How to take care of your safety shoes

Do not forget to wear your safety shoes whenever you step out on the construction site or any industrial area. It will help you to prevent significant injuries. As safety shoes are there to always protect you from small-to-big damages, you should also be there to take care of your shoes. 

Workers tend to not care about the maintenance of their shoes. This will ultimately affect the shelf life of the shoe and it will not last long. There are several ways through which you would be able to ensure that your footwear stays in optimum wearable condition for years. 

  1. Never ignore the wear and tear in your shoes, fix them: Have you ever wondered why industrial shoes are also called safety shoes? The reason is, that they protect you from every unwanted injury at your workplace. But when it comes to the care of the shoes, workers generally overlook the little damage that the shoe bears. Over time, this will become a major reason for them to buy a new pair of shoes. 
  1. Always remember to clean after work: After a hectic schedule at the construction site, workers don’t wait up to maintain their safety wear whether they are their shoes, jackets, helmets, etc. They should be guided to wipe their safety shoes with lukewarm water to get rid of the dust particles. It is advised to not apply chemical base polish on the shoes for any purpose as it reduces the lifespan of the shoes. If the stains are so rigid to clean add some amount of detergent to the lukewarm water to get rid of them easily but never put them in the washing machine.
  1. Do not wash your shoes in the washing machine: As we talked earlier about cleaning your shoes being important but not in a washing machine. As it will in turn lose elasticity and durability and it would not be wrong to say that in machines the toe cap and other safety measures could also be affected. This is also a key aspect of taking care of your workable shoes to establish the best work for a long.
  1. Dry the shoes properly: If in any case, the safety shoes get wet at the workplace, remove them and give them some time to dry out. It is recommended not to wear wet shoes in any condition. 

To dry the shoes properly, use paper or tissue for the better absorption of the moisture as they are highly water absorbent materials. These will also help the worker to maintain the shape of the footwear as well. Air-dry the shoes but remember not to expose them directly to the sun as the heat proves to harm the durability of the safety shoes. 

  1. Leather wax use: To maintain the safety shoes as it is new, polish the shoes regularly with the best leather wax (if they are made from leather). It also shields the shoes from minute dust particles which can harm the quality or look of the shoes. It also helps in maintaining the durability and lost shine of the shoes.

So, to summarize, the management should always advise or guide their workers to take care of their safety shoes very carefully to avoid heavy loads in their pockets. Give a long life to the safety shoes which ultimately increases the work speed and performance of the workers.

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  • Date: Aug 10, 2022
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