Safeguard your feet with Hillson Safety Shoes

Safeguard your feet with hillson safety shoes

Protective shoes aim at offering maximum safety to workers who are engaged in specific professions. This industrial footwear is designed proactively to protect the workers against instances of chemical splatters, electric shock, slippery floors etc. Raw materials such as leather, plastic or rubber are used in manufacturing safety shoes. Protective shoe manufacturing involves years of experience, expertise and knowledge of the suitable material, design and functionality. 

safeguard your feet with hillson safety shoes

Indian Industrial Protective Footwear Market

The Indian market for protective footwear is divided into multiple segments based on:

  • Rubber footwear
  • Plastic footwear
  • Waterproof footwear
  • Leather footwear

These safety shoe manufacturing companies cater to industries like oil and gas, mining, construction, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and transportation. As per the statistics, the global safety footwear market will grow at a 6.5% CAGR by 2027

One may feel uncomfortable in these protective shoes. After all, these are designed differently to offer maximum coverage and protection. And it is impossible to work all day long and offer the best performance while feeling uncomfortable.

This blog discusses the step-by-step process that all workers can follow while putting on safety footwear. Scroll down to dive straight into the details!

  • Understand that it’s different from wearing your regular shoes: If the employee has been wearing the safety shoes just like the regular ones, he has been doing it wrong. And that maybe is the biggest reason for his discomfort. The day he understands and acknowledges the difference, he will feel more comfortable in this protective footwear.
  • Industrial shoes are worn when the feet are dry: It is recommended not to wear a pair of protective shoes when the feet are wet or sweaty. Otherwise, this may lead to irritation or rashes on the feet. 
  • Well-fitted and dry socks go well with safety footwear: It is advisable to wear a pair of bamboo, polyester or woollen socks to keep your feet dry. These fabrics will soak in extra wetness and keep the feet dry.
  • Wearing it the right way: When an employee puts his feet in the worker’s shoes, his toes should easily snuggle and slide in. This ensures that the worker has chosen the correct sized shoes.
  • Bring the insole to the right position: Next, one must adjust the insole to the correct position by moving his feet back and forth. Otherwise, it will make him feel uncomfortable and hurtful as well.
  • Secured shoelaces to prevent tripping off: Tying up the shoelaces neatly is a pre-requisite if the worker does not wish to trip off. It should neither be too tight nor too loose.

Your feet won’t stay secured just by buying yourself a pair of safety shoes. Instead, you will need to wear it like a pro! And there’s nothing better than Hillson Shoes regarding industrial footwear. They are India’s number one safety shoe manufacturer, known for their durable and affordable protective shoe ranges.

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  • Date: Aug 05, 2022
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