The Importance of Steel Toe Shoe

Steel toe shoes are the shoes that are required to be worn at different workplaces. These shoes protect the user’s feet from falling objects or other potential accidents.

These shoes are tough and strong enough to protect somebody from falling objects and along with that, these shoes have antistatic, ant slip, and good abrasion properties too.

Why shoes are equipped with steel toes?

When there is a risk of the toes being hurt due to the impact of a falling object or when there are chances of compression which can cause by a heavy moving vehicle.

In some companies, it is mandatory to wear safety shoes and other protective equipment, in such a situation it is always advisable to wear ISI marked safety shoes for better safety.

What other materials are used to make toe caps for safety shoes?

The toe caps are important safety equipment for the safety shoes & are mostly made up of steel. These are used to protect the user’s feet from falling objects or compressive damage which may occur in different ways at different workplaces. Apart from this, a white-colored composite toe cap is used which helps in the discharge of static energy because it is made up of fiber.

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